Sabali Co | 2012

Sabali Co is a framework and content management system that allows for the rapid construction and maintenance of search engine optimized websites. In addition it offers many third-party integrations and pre-built features.

This platform is one of the fastest in the world and is specifically designed for e-commerce solutions. Sabali Co offers a wide array of GDPR-compliant analytics tools that track conversion rate, business financials and more.

The Swinging Sticks | 2012

The Swinging Sticks is a double pendulum constructed of aluminum arms that appear to effortlessly defy the laws of physics and gravity as they fluidly glide through the air.

While deceptively simple in its design, the Swinging Sticks desk toy is crafted by expert artisans who precisely calibrate the arms to dance above the surface of the plate. This quality piece of modern kinetic art is sure to grab glances wherever it is placed.

About the MCAT | 2013

This website has since been discontinued due to the changing nature of the test over the years. An archived link is available here for past versions.

The Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT) is the standardized exam that all reputable medical colleges in the United States require of would be students.

The MCAT examines a students ability to critically think and apply scientific concepts to word based problems and is an integral piece of the admissions decision making process.

Golden Age of Piracy | 2014

The Golden Age of Piracy was an era in history when a multi-national group of buccaneers and pirates ruled the seas, prompting massive responses from colonial empires when their actions went too far.

Spanning the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, this era saw the development of famous figures such as Blackbeard and Bartholomew Roberts while also been the setting for many movies and video games.

History Archive | 2015

The History Archive is a historical digitization project devoted to preserving the written and pictorial history of man. This project aims to provide access to relevant public domain books, maps, art and other works that are of monumental significance to mankind.

Modern society is changing very rapidly and these works are essential in understanding the development of our world and the various cultures that reside within it.

Sabali Mail | 2016

Sabali Mail is an email client that is connected to Sabali Co and allows for viewing of hosted email accounts online without the use of a third-party application such as Mac Mail or Windows Outlook.

This easy to use interface comes with all the standard features desired in an email client and can be used as a standalone feature as well. Email addresses are managed through cPanel and a mail hosting server.

Sabali Analytics | 2017

Sabali Analytics is a tool to view and understand visitor behavior on a website through user tracking. Through this system important e-commerce metrics such as conversion rate, channels, browsers and more can be collected to improve a website.

Geolocation can be enabled to better understand where in the world a website's visitors are coming from as well. There also exists tools to analyze the robot crawler traffic, track user language and more.

Senty | 2020

Senty is text and sentiment analysis software that performs natural language processing on a variety of data inputs to determine the emotional content. This data analysis technique is extremely useful in the fields of finance, politics, marketing, healthcare and more.

Senty accepts inputs from universal data sources like spreadsheets and also can pull real time information from social media like Twitter and Reddit.

SEO Guide | 2020

SEO Guide is a full service search engine optimization tool that can check the Alexa Ranking, Google SERP, Moz Domain & Page Authority as well as analyze keywords and give other useful information about a website.

The basic service is free to use and comes with additional paid integrations requiring API keys such as Google Lighthouse, GTMetrix, SEMrush and more.