Our Portfolio

Sabalico | 2012

Sabalico is a framework and content management system that allows for the rapid construction and maintenance of search engine optimized websites. In addition it offers many third-party integrations and pre-built features.

This platform is one of the fastest in the world and is specifically designed for e-commerce solutions. Sabalico offers a wide array of GDPR-compliant analytics tools that track conversion rate, business financials and more.

History Archive | 2015

The History Archive is a historical digitization project devoted to preserving the written and pictorial history of man. This project aims to provide access to relevant public domain books, maps, art and other works that are of monumental significance to mankind.

Modern society is changing very rapidly and these works are essential in understanding the development of our world and the various cultures that reside within it.

Sabalytics | 2017

Sabalytics is a set of tools to view and understand visitor behavior on a website through user tracking. Through this system important e-commerce metrics such as conversion rate, channels, browsers and more can be collected to improve a website.

Geolocation can be enabled to better understand where in the world a website's visitors are coming from as well. There also exists tools to analyze the robot crawler traffic, track user language and more.

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